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Stressed College Students Finally Get Academic and Financial Relief

Stressed College Students Finally Get Relief

College is getting increasingly hard for students and with the academic competition getting harder and harder resources like OneClass are providing much needed relief for these stressed students. OneClass offers exam study guides, textbook notes, lecture notes, reference guides, and even video tutorials. Accessing these options is also incredibly easy as you just need to input the course code and boom you will get every resource that has been made for that class. No more waiting for your friend to come to the library with chicken scratch writing. No more studying the wrong information. How can you be sure that the information on the site is true? Every submitter is paid for their work by the quality of their work. You will always get the best possible notes. No more chicken scratch decoding for you!

Not Just Academic Relief, But Financial Relief

Students who are strapped for cash will be happy to hear that not only does OneClass offer help with your grade but that it will pay you to go to class. OneClass expects quality in the submissions and thanks to OneClass’s tips on note taking you will not only see your pizza money budget increase, but you will also see your grades go up! (OneNote cites that over 68% of students saw jumps in their grades after being a note taker for OneClass.)

Math Problems That Students “Simply Can’t”

Stuck on a math problem from your Calculus class at 1am? Thanks to their cutting edge technology the fine people at OneClass have developed a smart phone app. This app will not only give you the answer, but it will also layout how to solve it. It’s a like miniature tutor right there on your smart phone! Find out more about the best study documents come visit